• DUSKO KNEZEVIC We measure success by positive trends which came to life in the society through our business initiatives and projects thus making it a better place for the life of our citizens.
  • DUSKO KNEZEVIC We would like to actively contribute to the creation of self-sustainable trends for optimal standards in the fields of new technologies, green economy, as well as education and healthcare.
  • DUSKO KNEZEVIC Our destiny is cooperation – both among nations and different organisations.
  • DUSKO KNEZEVIC Think, act, create, share!


Our goal is to support the creation of new societal values and economic empowerment of citizens through enhancement of business environment and corporate social responsible practices. We want to engage in commitments that will improve the lives of our citizens by strengthening positive interdependence and fostering partnerships among governments, businesses, nongovernmental organizations and private citizens. We want to create a prosperous community and enable better living standards and business operation standards in the society.
Operating with a perspective, Atlas Foundation will develop the virtue of public-private partnerships and business philanthropy. We connect partnerships and develop networks, bringing people and institutions with diverse perspectives together across disciplines and sectors – and facilitating their learning from and with one another. We want to establish a sustainable system with the clear objective of economic empowerment of our society through coordinated and balanced project development mainly in the fields of education, health, environment, regional cooperation and women empowerment.

  • we invest in lasting structures and relationships among governments, businesses, nongovernmental organisations and private citizens
  • we reinforce individual and organisational autonomy
  • we facilitate cross-sector and public-private partnerships
  • we promote regional and cross-border cooperation
  • we are focused on future preferenceses – a concept of long-term thinking and activism aimed at preserving the lifespace and prosperity for the coming generations
  • we encourage a positive impact on the environment, consumers, students, vulnerable parts of the society
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