• DUSKO KNEZEVIC We measure success by positive trends which came to life in the society through our business initiatives and projects thus making it a better place for the life of our citizens.
  • DUSKO KNEZEVIC We would like to actively contribute to the creation of self-sustainable trends for optimal standards in the fields of new technologies, green economy, as well as education and healthcare.
  • DUSKO KNEZEVIC Our destiny is cooperation – both among nations and different organisations.
  • DUSKO KNEZEVIC Think, act, create, share!


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Duško Knežević

Duško Knežević, PhD Legal and Economic Studies (University of Belgrade), is the founder and president of the board of directors of Atlas Group. Since founding Atlas Group 20 years ago in Montenegro, Mr Knežević has steadily expanded the company’s range of interests. The Atlas Group presently consists of some 30 companies that include banks, finance, real estate, construction, brewery, tourism, education, health and media. In 2010, World Finance magazine voted Atlas Group the best financial group in Montenegro and Atlasmont Bank, a member of the Group, the best bank in Montenegro.
Mr Knežević has put prosperity and better living standards for our citizens at the core of the company’s mission. Using the synergy of diverse projects of Atlas Group in creating self-sustainable system for implementing innovative standards of economic and social empowerment of the society, Mr Knežević’s overall goal is to help establish sustainability and interdependence as policies for building a better society. Mr Knežević’s accomplishments include the participation in starting Montenegro's privatization process, through close cooperation with government expert teams and foreign strategic consulting companies, such as USAID, Barents Group and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Atlas Group is the majority owner of the Montenegro Stock Exchange. Mr Knežević is the founder and president of the board of two universities, in Montenegro and in Serbia: Mediterranean University - the first private university in Montenegro, and the Belgrade Banking Academy in Serbia.
Under his leadership, Atlas Group has grown into an internationally acknowledged company that now includes Atlas Capital Financial Services in Cyprus, Atlas Capital in London, FSA regulated company in UK and ABM Bank in Russia. At the international level, Atlas Group companies are active in investing and trading, as well as in management of private pension funds and provision of life insurance. He is devoted to building up strong business relationships and partnerships with financial experts from following financial institutions: Citi Bank, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, Bank of Cyprus, Marfin Bank, Deutche Bank, Piraeus Bank, EBRD, France Telecom, British Telecom. In 2010, Mr Knežević became a member of the Clinton Global Initiative where he commits to help in forging solutions to the world's most pressing challenges: poverty, environment, health and education. Following that he launched the Balkan Networking Initiative by organising the Inaugural Conference “Balkan Networking for Social Empowerment of South-Eastern Europe” in May 2011 in Montenegro, together with the Clinton Global Initiative and the Government of Montenegro. One of his recent projects include the building of residential business complex in Podgorica, which is one of the biggest projects of that kind in South-East Europe, in collaboration with Capital Investments, a company owned by the royal family in Abu Dhabi. This complex will be the first environmentally friendly building in Montenegro.
Mr Knežević lectures in finance-related subjects at the Union University and he is constantly publishing economy related paper works, articles and books.

Duško Knežević's article from the World Finance Magazine, Sep-Oct 2010

Download: Dusko Knezevic WorldFinance Article.pdf

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