• DUSKO KNEZEVIC We measure success by positive trends which came to life in the society through our business initiatives and projects thus making it a better place for the life of our citizens.
  • DUSKO KNEZEVIC We would like to actively contribute to the creation of self-sustainable trends for optimal standards in the fields of new technologies, green economy, as well as education and healthcare.
  • DUSKO KNEZEVIC Our destiny is cooperation – both among nations and different organisations.
  • DUSKO KNEZEVIC Think, act, create, share!

Knežević is actively oriented towards society improvements, mostly helping vulnerable groups of society. According to him, humanity is one of the greatest virtues that contributes to the healthy functioning of each community. He has been showing his care for others and the whole society for years. For that reason in 2010, Knežević founded the Atlas Foundation dedicated to the creation of new societal values and economic empowerment of citizens through enhancement of corporate social responsibility and business philanthropy. Through Atlas Foundation, Knežević would like to contribute to the world’s most pressing challenges such as: education, health, environment, regional cooperation, women empowerment and new technologies.

Knežević shows his social commitment through awarding Atlas scholarships to the best students of Montenegrin universities for thirteen years in a row, thus recognizing the effort and hard work of youth and provides them with the support and affirmation on their way to independence and thus making long-term investments in the successful future of Montenegro.  
In order to improve the quality of education and social inclusion and to create the modern environmental conditions, Atlas Group started a charity project “We appreciate the knowledge – we invest in education”. Within the framework of this humanitarian action, Atlas Group has donated valuable equipment and rich literature oeuvre to the public institutions of general social interest - kindergartens, elementary schools, libraries and Resource Centre for Children and Youth “Podgorica”. 
Dr Knežević philanthropic activities are oriented towards improving the health standards of the Montenegrin society.  At the Conference “Balkan Networking for Social Empowerment of South-Eastern Europe” in May 2011, organized by the Atlas Foundation and the Government of Montenegro and in partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative, a part of the donations was spent on buying equipment for the children hospital in Podgorica. Atlas Group has donated funds for the purchase of the latest modern equipment for the diagnosis of tuberculosis infection to the Special Hospital for pulmonary disease "Dr Jovan Bulajić” in Brezovik.
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