• DUSKO KNEZEVIC We measure success by positive trends which came to life in the society through our business initiatives and projects thus making it a better place for the life of our citizens.
  • DUSKO KNEZEVIC We would like to actively contribute to the creation of self-sustainable trends for optimal standards in the fields of new technologies, green economy, as well as education and healthcare.
  • DUSKO KNEZEVIC Our destiny is cooperation – both among nations and different organisations.
  • DUSKO KNEZEVIC Think, act, create, share!

It has been 25 years since Knežević has steadily expanded the Atlas Group’s range of interests. Atlas Group presently consists of 30 companies including banks, finance, real estate, construction, tourism, education, health and media. Atlas Group is the majority owner of the Montenegro Stock Exchange. In addition to this, Knežević is also the founder of Atlas Capital Forex.

Some of the major members of the Atlas Group are the following: Atlas Bank, Montenegro Stock Exchange, Mediterranean University, Atlas Fund, Atlas Life, Atlas Pensions, Atlas Invest Montenegro, Atlas Television, Meljine Hospital and Atlas Foundation.

Under his leadership, Atlas Group has grown into an internationally acknowledged company that now includes Atlas Capital Financial Services in Cyprus, Atlas Capital in London, FSA regulated company in UK and ABM Bank in Russia.

Business culture of Atlas Group implies corporate responsibility approach. The Group conducts its business and achieves goals in a way that reflects its values and links business decisions to ethical, social and ecological principles.

One of the first projects realised within the initiative Podgorica - City of the Future (project realised as Commitment to Action with Clinton Global Initiative) is the construction of residential business building Atlas Capital Centre in Podgorica according to the highest efficiency standards, which also promotes the new model of buildings that greatly integrate principles of green building and environmental protection. This building is one of the biggest projects of that kind in South-East Europe, built in collaboration with Capital Investments, a company owned by the Abu Dhabi royal family.

Dr Duško Knežević is a member of the Managing Board of the SUMMIT100 Business Leaders of Southeast Europe and also the only representative from Montenegro. SUMMIT100 is the first and unique gathering of this kind in the region, designed to be strong, cohesive voice of future economic cooperation and to make a contribution toward improving relations and quality of life in the region. Knežević was the host of the 2nd SUMMIT100 Business Leaders of Southeast Europe: A New Deal for a New Age, which was held on May 23 and 24, 2013 in Budva. The result of 2nd SUMMIT100 was the establishment of a regional construction consortium Fenix. At the SUMMIT100 in Budva, seven Montenegrin companies: Atlas Invest, Atena Bohor, Cijevna Commerce, Čelebić, Mi Rai Group, Normal Company and Zetagradnja joined the regional consortium Fenix, made up of over 70 companies from Serbia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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